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I think my son / daughter is gay

I Think My Son / Daughter is Gay

Try not to make your son / daughter angry, i.e. don't go searching for clues in their bedroom, as this aggravates the situation. Respect their privacy. They will 'come out' when they are ready. You can help them to 'come out' by asking, but if they're not gay you may offend them. At the same time try not to make them feel you are putting them on the spot. Try not to make him/her feel awkward. Don't be upset that they haven't told you themselves.

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Your son / daughter may be in denial. To prove they are not gay they may be homophobic or when asked, go over the top to prove that they are not, but don't get this mixed up with denial, as they may be telling the truth.

Asking your son / daughter if they are gay may help them, because they may not know how to tell you. They should realise that it probably won't be much of a shock for you if they know that you already have your suspicions.

If or when you find your child is gay, contact us for help.